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"ANOBO" is short for "art has no boundaries"--art has the power to transcend limits of nationality, culture or language. ANOBO is an educational exchange platform that connects children, youth, educators, and artists world wide. With interdisciplinary art education as the main vehicle, we aim to foster the next generation's social responsibility and global competence, cultivating global citizens with a heart for public welfare.
ANOBO TEAM hopes to guide children and youth from all over the world through art & interdisciplinary education-- Enhance global competence, and become future talents with global vision; Improve the sense of social responsibility, and become global citizens with a heart for public welfare; Encourage aesthetic expression of diverse viewpoints, and become a powerful generation with international impact.
The NOBO unbounded International Art Exhibition puts forward a global topic every year. Its supporting courses and exhibitions of children's artworks have covered China, the United States, France, Brazil and Kenya through platforms such as Columbia University and the United Nations. In the past four years, nearly 40000 teenagers and children from 15 countries have participated in the exhibitions.

ANOBO International Children's Art and Tech Traveling Exhibition

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